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Spy Fall is a STANDALONE, safe erotic romance HEA. If you like Bond movies then this one is for you! 

Take a peek at the first chapter:


Brandon broken into more places than he could count, first as a Marine, and now as a CIA operative; but never had he been caught. Even as a kid, he had a knack for getting in and out of tight spots, but everyone’s luck runs out at some point of time. It was what you did in that moment that defined your continued success, and in his case, ability to keep breathing. The encrypted files had taken longer than expected to extract once he had stumbled upon him, allowing the changing of the guards to come across him in the server room. Running back and forth between the servers, dodging the barrage of bullets had been ‘fun.’ He still couldn’t believe that those idiots had shot up their own server room. Talk about shooting yourself in your own foot! 

Running through the dark town streets had proven difficult with the goons following close behind, firing at him. Luckily for him, they were bad shots. The bridge had luckily been decently lit, making it easy to find. Now, standing near the edge, he just looked forward to eating dinner, away from these two thugs, who he should really just jump away from. The problem was, Brandon found them a bit amusing. 

“You have to be working for someone. No one has that kind of training off the street,” Goon number two reasoned.

Brandon shrugged, “Does it matter? I mean, let’s face it. You’re probably going to shoot me anyway and I’m sure that the General already has an idea of where I’m from.”

“So confident for a fucker who will be sinking with the fishes,” Goon one gave a hard laugh.

Goon two rolled his eyes, “It’s sleeping with the fishes, you idiot.”

“That doesn’t make sense! Do fish even sleep?”

“They do, although with their eyes open,” Brandon offered. Idiot! Should have jumped!

“Shut up!” The goons looked back at him as they began to argue.

Brandon decided to take this moment turning ad vaulting himself over the edge of the bridge, he heard a loud “HEY!” and a pop.

As he fell toward the river below, his shoulder felt like it had been stung by a wasp on steroids. As he hit the icy cold Golgan River, her face popped into his mind.

She always showed up at the worst times during these extractions. Delilah Faber was the one who hadn’t gotten away because he had never had her in the first place. He vowed to himself as the blackness of the river seeped around him, that if he managed to not sleep with the Inhovakian fish, that he would let her know how he felt. He just prayed that she felt the same. Hearing the whirl of Donaldson’s boat near him, he let the blackness take him with Delilah on his lips.


As the apple rolled across the parking lot, Delilah cursed the flimsy plastic bags from Saver Mart. Moving her eyes to the door of her apartment on the third floor, she wondered how she would make it up.

“Excuse me ma’am, but you’re my Final Fantasy.”

Delilah felt her eyes go large. She knew that voice. Dreamt that voice, and even though she wouldn’t admit it, she had even touched herself as she imagined that voice whispering naughty things to her. 

She turned slowly to see her final fantasy, Brandon Ryker in the flesh looking just as hot as always. Delilah always thought that life had it out for her and making her best friend one of the hottest men alive was some sort of cruel joke. Especially since she was perhaps one of the geekiest people she had ever met, and as a programmer at Nebula One, one of the world’s largest video game companies, that was saying a lot.

This sexy spy romance is for those 18+. If you want to see the geeky girl have a shot with the hottest undercover (and under covers) agent, pick this sizzling romance up. After all, he'll take her shaken and stirred!

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